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Welcome to Emily & Emilio Garcia's Angel Friends Web Site. On this site you will be able to meet and read about each of their Angel Friends & their families.
I met these Angel Moms nearly 10 years ago when I joined a support group called Peace(Parents Of Every Angel Child In Eternity), and we have continued to be friends every since. I know these women and have seen the pain they suffer from the loss of their children and family. So, please be sure to sign the guestbook and let them know that you didn't forget their Angels & that they will always be remembered.
Please take the time to visit each Angel's Page and connect to their personal web site and sign their guestbooks to let their families know that their Angels are not forgotten. Just a few minutes of your time to do this means more to a grieving family that you could ever imagine.
Thank you all and God Bless Each Of You.
Theresa Yeary-Dontrich(Emily's Aunt)
But A Moment
You'll always be my child-I think of you each day,
Even though you must remain so very far away.
A love as strong as this, I've never felt before;
But you had to go away-up through heaven's door.
You'll never have to suffer, or feel pain or hate,
Just peace and love and happiness-
God has given you this fate.
I hope that you can feel just how much I care;
And, When my days are over, in a flash-I will be there.
Pure unbounding joy! We'll never have to part.
You'll be right by my side-And not just in my heart.
But, until that day, when my dream is real-
I think I understand, just how I should feel...
Mom, I am fine! This must be what you would say-
Please don't be so sad, we'll meet again one day:
I'm with God above - so don't cry for me,
Our parting is but a moment compared to eternity.
Author Unknown
No Copyrite Infringements Intended
I Would Like To Dedicate This Poem To Our Angels, Emily & Emilio Garcia & Their Angel Friends & Their Families
God Bless You All
Theresa Yeary-Dontrich(Emily's Aunt)
Emily & Emilio became our Angels on July 27, 1977, after Emily was abducted in San Antonio, Texas, held hostage and tortured for 13 day, until her captors finally murdered her and left her body in a field in Comal County. Emily was only 15 years old at the time and pregnant with a little boy which she intended to name Emilio.
It has been 18 years since their murder and their killer(s) have never been caught. 
Please visit their personal web site to read their story in full at the link below.
Page Created by Theresa Yeary-Dontrich
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No Copyrite Infringements Intended
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