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Meet Kathie Carrigan's Angel Chrissie-Page 5

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In Loving Memory
Chrissie Carrigan
Forever Loved, Never Forgotten
On this page you will meet another of my dear friends, Kathie Carrigan and her precious Angel Chrissie.  
I also met Kathie through the support group Peace, which I joined nearly 10 years ago. 
Kathie and I have remained friends over the years and her family & her Angel is now part of me.
I have watched as Kathie and her famiy suffered so much pain due to the loss of their beautiful daughter Chrissie, on December 6, 2001, due to suicide. Any family that loses a child suffers greatly, but to lose a child in this manner always causes even more suffering, because there will always be question. 
 Below you will read a brief history of Angel Chrissie Carrigan and find a link where you can ckick on it and it will take you to Chrissie's  personal web site where you can read her entire story and sign her guestbook so that this family knows that their beautiful daughter is still remembered.
It only takes a few minutes to do this and it is a gift that you can give to these Angel Families that helps to ease the pain of losing their loved ones.
Thank You & God Bless,
Theresa(Emily Garcia's Aunt)
Christian Victoria "Chrissie" Carrigan
1/14/86 -12/06/01
Emily & Emilio became our Angels on July 27, 1977, after Emily was abducted in San Antonio, Texas, held hostage and tortured for 13 day, until her captors finally murdered her and left her body in a field in Comal County. Emily was only 15 years old at the time and pregnant with a little boy which she intended to name Emilio.
It has been 18 years since their murder and their killer(s) have never been caught. 
Please visit their personal web site to read their story in full at the link below.
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