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In Memory Of Our Angels
Emily & Emilio Garcia
Since this is the beginning of a brand new year 2007, we have decided to go about our search for Emily & Emilio's killer(s) in a totally different way than we have been.
We have decided to post all of the information and actions that have been/are being taken in their murder investigation and also the questions we have that we have not seemed to be able to get anyone to answer, and to post them onto their web site. We are hoping that by doing this, it will trigger some sort of response from someone involved, from someone who may have known Emily, or may have known about her whereabouts during the 13 days that she was missing before being murdered. Maybe we will be able to get information we are looking for to finally get the justice that Emily, Emilio, and our family deserve after all 19 years.
We are going to start with the very beginning of this case, which starts about a week before Emily went missing.
Sheila had just found out that Emily and her older sister Elizabeth were both pregnant. Sheila was not at all happy about this due to the fact that both girls were so young, but she decided that they may as well make the best of a bad situation and get both girls to see a doctor.
Sheila also contacted the young man Greg Gonzales(AKA Shotgun) that Emily said was supposed to be the father of her baby, and also his mother, and they all agreed to meet the following weekend at Denny's on Marbach Road in San Antonio, Texas to discuss Emily's pregnancy and to find out if Greg intended to help with his responsibilities of this baby? This meeting never took place, because Emily went missing only days before it was to happen.
Also Sheila never heard from Greg or his mother again.
Emily had also been on probation and had been placed in Mauc, a juvenile detention center for teens and had been released from there only days before, and was due to be released from all of her probation on February 11, 1993.
Emily and her mother Sheila went to their meeting at Mauc on the morning of February 11, 1993, where they were to meet with Emily's probation officer Keith Fortney. When they arrived, they found out that Mr. Fortney was not there, but they did meet with another officer who did release Emily from probation.
Later that afternoon, Emily and her mother Sheila went to Human Resources to start the paperwork to have Emily placed on Medicaid since she was pregnant & they had no insurance for prenatal care. The lady there started Emily's paperwork, but told Emily that before she could be approved for Medicaid, she would have to go to Planned Parenthood and have a pregnancy test ran and bring back a proof of pregnancy report.
Sheila then walked with Emily to the bus stop where Emily was going to catch the bus to go to Planned Parenthood. Sheila waited for the bus with Emily for a bit, then left and went home before Emily had caught the bus. 
Emily then took the bus to Planned Parenthood and when she talked with the lady there, she discovered that she couldn't have the test ran that day since she didn't have an appointment, so the woman made an appointment for Emily to come back the following day.
Emily left Planned Parenthood and called her mother Sheila from a nearby phone booth and told Sheila that she couldn't get the test ran since she didn't have an appointment and that she was going to stay all night with her friend Dona Gullick, a friend of hers, who lived on Skyline Blvd. in San Antonio, and would be home the following day after her appointment. Sheila was okay with this due to the fact that Emily had stayed with her friend Dona before and since Sheila had her phone number and address in case she needed to reach Emily. This was the last time that Sheila ever talked with her daughter and the last time that she knew for a fact that Emily was still alive.
On the evening of February 12, 1993, Emily's mother Sheila began to worry when Emily failed to return home after her appointment with Planned Parenthood.  Sheila waited for a while to see if Emily was just late coming home or to see if she would call, but when that didn't happen, she realized something was definitely wrong.
Sheila proceeded to call Emily's friends to see if they had seen her or knew where she may be. Emily had given her mother a list of her friends in case of an emergency. This is where things started getting strange.
All of Emily's friends that her mother tried to/did contact from Emily's list, were either not at home, had their phones disconnected, moved out of state, refused to talk with Sheila, or hadn't seen Emily and acted as if they didn't even know her.
Sheila automatically became even more frantic and started calling all the local hospitals, the morgue, and all of the teen hangouts that she thought Emily may be at....No Emily or any trace of her.
Sheila then drove to the Perrin-Plaza Apartments where she knew that Emily sometimes stayed with friends and still no site of Emily or noone who had even seen her.
Sheila also went to a teen club called "Rocky J's" on Nacodoches in San Antonio, Texas to see if Emily had been there because that was one place Emily was know to go. Noone there was willing to even talk to her, much less tell her anything about Emily or her whereabouts. As far as we have been able to find out, Rocky J's has now moved and re-opened on Culebra in San Antonio.
As parents, you should know as much as possible about your child's favorite hang outs, names of their friends and where they live, phone numbers where they can be reached, and etc, but don't think that this will help you if something happens to your child, because you probably won't find anyone that will talk to you or be willing to help you.
Sheila then called the police to file a missing person's report on Emily, only to find out that you have to wait 48 hours from the time a person goes missing to even file a report. This law definitely needs to be changed, because these are the vital hours in a missing person's case where it could mean the difference in finding them alive or dead.
Sheila then contacted the Runaway Hotline. The man she talked to didn't even want to take the information on Emily, especially after Sheila told him that Emily had ran away a couple of times before, but he finally did. When Sheila asked him what he was going to do(meaning what is the next step), he said, "Look lady, what do you want me to do? I have over 200 cases on my desk alone."  Sheila then asked him, "If you and each one in your office, has over 200 cases each, that's an awful lot of kids! What is being done about it?" He then got angry and slammed the phone down on Sheila. Needless to say, Sheila has still not found where this man ever filed the report on Emily or listed Emily as missing on February 12, 1993 or at any other time. There should have been a record or report on her, but none has ever been found to this date. Did this man just fail to make a report or just didn't care and decided not to bother with it? This could have made the difference in Emily being found alive instead of murdered.
The thing Sheila has found out because of dealing with Emily's murder, is that even though Emily was only 15 years old at the time, the police, doctors, teachers, and etc. will not release information to the parents, because they are juveniles, but you as parents, are still supposed to be responsible for them. They will only release information to the juvenile themselves.
When Sheila talked with Emily's juvenile officer from Mauc, she was told that their records are considered "Sealed" and withheld from even the parents.
One question we have had from the very beginning of this case is that if Emily had been in juvenile detention and had a record, why weren't her fingerprints automatically matched to the body found in Canyon Lake, Texas on February 25, 1993? The police said that a description of the body found and fingerprints had been sent out to All police agencies throughout Texas, so why didn't her juvenile record tell them it was Emily that they found in Canyon Lake? After years of questions, we have found out that they do not fingerprint juveniles and keep those prints on file and this is why that there never was a connection made from the Jane Doe found in Canyon Lake and the missing Emily Garcia.
One thing Sheila would like to tell all parents out there is that no matter if your child has been in juvenile or placed on probation, this will not help you if your child is missing and this is something all parents need to know before it is too late for their child too.
Not knowing what else to do to try to find Emily or where she may be, Sheila became frantic and called a friend of hers that is a known psychic. This psychic knew Emily and told Sheila that Emily was still alive, but was being held against her will. She also said she saw something about an abortion and someone wanting Emily to abort the baby she was carrying. She told Sheila that she felt there was drugs involved in helping to keep Emily captive and that she was in great danger if she refused to abort the baby. She told Sheila that as of February 13, 1993, that Emily was still alive.
Sheila kept hoping for the best and wanted to believe that Emily was okay and would be home soon, but each passing day made those odds even slimmer. Sheila believed that if something horrible had happened, that the police would get in contact with her since Sheila had taken both of her daughters to have them fingerprinted as young children just for this reason. Sheila always carried both of her daughter's fingerprint cards with her in case she would need them. She was of the understanding that once your child was fingerprinted, then a copy was held on file with the police and FBI in case of a worst case scenario and something should happen to them. This is not the case and all parents should know this. The police and FBI do not keep records of these fingerprints and can only match them if you have your card and take it to be matched to a body that has been found and deemed a "Jane Doe".
While Sheila was doing all this searching for Emily, the nude body of a young woman was found in Canyon Lake, Texas not far from where Sheila was living and searching for Emily. The newspapers reported the story on the Jane Doe that was found in Canyon Lake and police say that a description of the body and fingerprints had been sent out to all Texas police agencies, but noone ever linked this Jane Doe to the missing Emily Garcia for a little over a year. Why????
Sheila never even knew about the Jane Doe found in Canyon Lake even though there were articles in several local newspapers. She was too busy looking for her daughter and just didn't see them. Also Sheila was so sure that if the police had found a body which they didn't know the identity of, that they would surely know and match the fingerprints with Emily's that she thought were on file. Also Sheila thought that if something like this had happened, then Emily's juvenile records would have made the match and that the police would have know that it was indeed Emily that they had found and would have gotten in touch with her.  Sheila just trusted that nothing like this could have happened or the police would have known about it right away and contacted her.....How Wrong That Was!! In the meantime, when the nude body of the Jane Doe was discovered in Canyon Lake, Texas on February 25, 1993, the coroner was called, but we found out later that he didn't even make a physical appearance at the scene of the crime. Why? We were under the impression that the body or crime scene could not be gone over by police until the coroner arrived at the scene to pronounce the peron dead. Why then was the crime scene gone over and the body moved without the coroner arriving at the scene and pronouncing this Jane Doe dead?
Zoeller's Funeral Home was called to transport the body to Austin, Texas for an autopsy to see if it would help police to identify her. At the same time, the story of the Jane Doe was ran in several newspapers(You will find these articles on another page of this site) in the San Antonio and Canyon Lake area, but noone made the connection to the missing Emily Garcia. Why???
The autopsy was done by Dr. Robert Bayardo, Chief Medical Examiner, in Austin, Texas and he found the cause of death to be murder by asphyxia due to ligature strangulation associated with sexual assault. It also showed the body had a blunt injury to the head and abrasions of the vagina and rectum along with abrasions of the skin elsewhere. It also showed that she was pregnant with a little boy at the time of her murder, but still noone linked Jane Doe to the missing Emily Garcia who was supposedly reported missing only miles away from where the Jane Doe was found. How can this sort of thing happen? How would you feel if this had been your child? We only pray that no other parent will ever have to find out!
Sheila continued to search for Emily for a few more months and kept trying to contact Emily's friends to see if any of them may know anything at all about Emily's whereabouts, but there were no signs or clues where Emily might have been. Sheila got no help from police or other official, because they felt that it was just another of Emily's runaway escapades and that they had better things to be doing with their time. Over the next few months of searching, Sheila became very ill and just wasn't able physically or emotionally to care for herself and her other daughter Elizabeth, so they decided to leave Texas and go back to Missouri to Sheila's family for a while. She just didn't know what else to do and nothing seemed to be helping in her search for her daughter.
Sheila and Elizabeth stayed with Sheila parents Ralph & Peggy Smith in Hopewell, Missouri for a couple of months until Sheila got her strength and health back and then she and Elizabeth moved to Branson, Missouri where they both went to work and tried to pick the pieces up of their lives, but never did forget abut Emily and checked with police frequently to see if they had any clues or information about Emily's whereabouts. Still no sign of Emily anywhere!!!
On the one year anniversary of finding the body of the Jane Doe in Canyon Lake, Texas, channel 12 KSAT in San Antonio, Texas ran a program asking the public's help in trying to find the true identity of the Jane Doe found a year earlier. A friend of Sheila's(Sophia Garza of San Antonio, Texas) saw the show and recognized the tattoo of the backwards 4 on Jane Doe's hand and also the description of the Jane Doe and knew it fit the description of Emily Garcia who had been missing for a little over a year by then. Sophia immediately called Sheila in Missouri and told her about what she had seen. Sheila truly believed that this Jane Doe could not be her daughter or the police would have already known about it a year earlier, but she still prepared to leave Missouri and go back to San Antonio to the police to see if it was at all possible that this was in fact her missing daughter Emily. She immediately went to the police station once she got back to San Antonio and made sure to take the fingerprint card she had of Emily's to have them double check and make sure this Jane Doe wasn't her daughter. How Wrong She Was Again!!
The police matched the fingerprints of Jane Doe to the fingerprint card that Sheila had of Emily and it was a perfect match.....Sheila felt sick could this be that for over a year the police knew of this Jane Doe and had never even mentioned it to Sheila or checked to see if it could be Emily. Sheila felt she was living some horrible nightmare, but little did she know, that her nightmare was just beginning. The horrid things she found out about her daughter's murder would in time, totally rock Sheila's world out from under her and put her & her sister Theresa on a search for her daughter's killer(s) that has now lasted 19 years and she still hasn't found out who took her daughter and grandson from her or found justice for the horrific way they were murdered.
No parent should ever have to find out things like this about their child or grandchild. Also no parent should have to feel as if they are totally alone in finding justice for the murder of their child or grandchild.
Do the police even have any sort of leads? Why won't they tell Emily's mother anything or help her in any way???


We beg of you, if you have any information, no matter how small you feel it may be, about Emily Jeanette Garcia, about her disappearance from San Antonio, Texas on February 12, 1993, about the 13 days she was missing before she was finally murdered and her body dumped in Canyon Lake, Texas on February 25, 1993, or about any of her friends, please contact us at the information below. You could be the one who is holding the key to helping us to finally find who murdered Emily and her unborn baby boy Emilio and bringing them to justice. If this killer(s) isn't caught, it may be your child they find next.
Our family has been searching for justice for Emily and Emilio for 19 years and we know there is someone out there that has information that could help us find their killer. Please help us find peace and justice for Emily, Emilio, and our family.
Thank You & God Bless You,
The Family Of Emily Jeanette Garcia & Her Unborn Son Emilio
Please contact:
Comal County Sheriff's Office
Criminal Investigations Dept.
Det. Sgt. Tommy Ward
Phone # 830-620-3400
Sgt. Trampas Gooding
Texas Rangers, Co. "F"
Seguin, TX
(830)379-4210  Office
Emily's Family
Theresa Yeary-Dontrich(Emily's Aunt)
Phone # 573-762-2327
Sheila Smith-Ramirez(Emily's Mother)
Phone # 210-677-9948
Elizabeth Garcia(Emily's Sister)
Jake Garcia(Emily's Nephew)
Please help us find who murdered Emily Jeanette Garcia and her unborn son Emilio. It has been 19 years for our family since their murder and we need answers and justice.
The dead cannot cry out for justice; it is a duty of the living to do so for them.




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In Memory Of Our Angels Emily & Emilio Garcia
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